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Issue of memo: legal advice, analysis or reply to a matter.


Letter of attorney: In order to protect your rights and interests, our lawyer will help you to issue a letter of attorney.


For reconciliation: Our lawyer can represent you to participate in commercial activities , and make settlement.


Draft and modify the legal documents.


Assist in the relevant government approval, registration, filing procedures, and respond to the government investigation.


Laws and regulations retrieval: Comprehensive search of China's current laws and regulations related to the problem.


Divorce cases: consultation, mediation and agency lawsuit of divorce cases.


Personal injury claims


Criminal defense: Do everything we can to ease or exempt you from criminal responsibility.


Litigation, Arbitration, Counterclaim, Appeal.


Court debate : Participate in court trial.


Recognition and enforcement of judgments and rulings.


Tax advice: Tax policy or tax planning.


Sign legal documents.


Anti monopoly, Anti dumping






Investment fund set up and operation


M & A


Daily operations of the company


Real estate